Learn more about our suite of products designed to improve asset performance, mitigate risk, and enhance return on investments.

Broker Price Opinions

We offer Broker Price Opinions as a faster and cost effective alternative to a full appraisal to be used in non-lending transactions. We have an extensive panel of real estate professionals who can provide local market expertise combined with our cutting-edge analytical technology to provide our clients with the perfect solution for portfolio management and asset marketing. Every eMerge Property Solutions BPO is manually checked for quality by our experienced internal Valuation Specialists.

Certified Property Inspections

We offer property inspections ranging from photos to confirm completed work to full interior products with or without complete sketches. Our inspections are completed by our vetted panel and provide great insight into property condition along with both exterior and interior photos of the subject property.

Desktop Valuations

We can provide you with a desktop valuation based on a predetermined condition or combine with an inspection. This product provides a lighting fast solution for a fraction of the cost of an appraisal. Our internal Valuation Specialists can provide an accurate Desktop Valuation in less than 24 hours.


We can provide a risk review for singular or multiple property valuations. Our technology combined with our valuations expertise can provide a risk level ranking to any of your current valuations, reconcile multiple valuations and can also provide an updated value if needed.

Valuation Review

Need assistance reviewing BPO’s, Evaluations, or Appraisals? Leave it to our team of Valuation Specialists and supported by our capable technology. We can ensure the quality and compliance of your valuations to mitigate your risk. Allow our end to end review solutions, which include MLS access to 90% of the United States, to provide you with the peace of mind for all of your valuation needs.


We offer compliant real estate Evaluations as a faster and less expensive alternative to full appraisals for covered transactions up to $250K. Our Evaluations are completed by our network of certified Valuation Specialists, real estate brokers, or appraiser trainees and are supported by our technology platform and proven market analytics.


Turn data into information, and information into insight. Our real estate products, tools and services generate reports designed to meet the valuation needs of brokers and agents, as well as anyone who requires fast, reliable and cost-effective residential property valuations.