Brandon Winters – CEO, Co-Founder

Brandon Winters

CEO, Co-Founder

Brandon Winters is a 12 year veteran in the Valuations industry with a focus on the BPO, Evaluation, and Alternative Valuation space. He has served as a Product Owner on several technology initiatives, creating innovative solutions for clients and partners in the industry. Brandon has been featured in industry publications as well as provided expertise for industry-wide training for real estate valuation professionals, establishing himself as a leading subject matter expert in Valuations.

Carlos Balderas – COO, Co-Founder

Carlos Balderas

COO, Co-Founder

Carlos Balderas is no stranger to the real estate and mortgage industry, having spent 12 years on the mortgage origination side as a mortgage broker and then 10 years in the real estate valuation space. Carlos owned and operated a successful full-service mortgage brokerage and implemented efficiencies on the loan origination process through the loan cycle, the delegated underwriting and secondary sale. In the valuation world, Carlos helped lead innovation and operational excellence at eMortgage Logic and later Axios Valuations Solutions by introducing new thinking into old process as well as innovative new products to help both eMortgage Logic and Axios Valuations Solutions grow into industry leading companies.